Is the Internet good or bad for education?


Envision how different education would be without the Internet. The Internet has persistently enhanced the instruction framework through simple access to learning materials, proficient communication, sparing a ton of time and money.

Information about each topic you can consider is accessible on the web with just a click. The web has expanded the possibility to study and students can learn a lot by themselves. Imagine how simple it would have been to discover data about volcanoes during the 1980s associated with clear pictures, recordings and articles that are accessible to everyone today, the content has been improved and easy to find.

Students’ capacity to speak with others and instructors through the web has expelled the challenge of geographical distances and physical boundaries between people. Thoughts, methods and hypotheses are shared the world over, doesn’t matter where one is.

We can’t disregard the way that anything not utilised well can prompt negative outcomes. Because of all the great the web does to improve instruction and our lives, the question is, how can we cut down its problems?


Web use in the 21st Century has brought a ton of inconvenience, including plagiarism, distractions and spread of false information.

The habit of taking someone’s work and converting it into yours is a typical misconduct by many online students. This leads to being less productive in employment, to the point that they end up losing their jobs. The reason for this is that they didn’t use the web to contemplate, they used it to duplicate other people’s ideas.

The web causes distraction, particularly with adolescents. Endeavour to watch young people around you, you will discover that most of their time is spent on social media. This sabotages their ability to perform their duties. Some go to sleep after midnight, which leaves them tired the next day, and because they’d rather spend time on their phones, their relationships with loved ones suffer.

I am not fighting the web, I am just of the view that we should not be driven by it, as it makes life less demanding and productive. We can use it and be mindful of our health and limited time to reach our dreams and aspirations