The importance of talent promotion in schools

A student singing at a talent show. File photo.

In school, the main focus is to provide the best education possible to students. In return, school expect their students to excel with high grades. However, I believe that schools shouldn’t base their purpose solely on education. There are many students who have various talents and don’t get the opportunity to showcase them.

Schools should consider the reinforcement of talent amongst the students because it will enhance their confidence and make them more outspoken people. Education is without a doubt very essential in assuring that a child will attain good living standards and achieve success. Nevertheless, giving children the opportunity to discover what they are good at, and supporting them, shows them that their best interests are at heart.

 There are plenty of ways schools can nurture talent amongst their students. The school could start by setting up club activities such as debate club, music club, sports club, cooking club and so on. This gives students a range of choices which will facilitate them in pin pointing what they are passionate about.

Additionally, schools should initiate an annual talent show in schools to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and skills. By doing this, students will feel appreciated and acknowledged, which will in turn entice them to keep up the good work in their studies as well.

This is sometimes the biggest point of our careers because this is where students discover themselves.

There are plenty of people who have achieved success through pursuing their talent. Lionel Messi is a very good example. He was just a kid who was truly passionate about football. Through hard work and diligence, he was able to turn it into a career. Students’ talents shouldn’t be thrown off the shelf because it could be the very thing that brings food to their table in the future. That is why it is very crucial for schools to provide the students with assistance and encouragement.