How to use your time effectively as a student

Students should use their free time to learn something new. Net photo.

Time, as they say, is the most precious and irreversible element in this world. Finding a way to manage it and use it efficiently is what most people struggle with, especially students. The success of athletes, scientists or even musicians, and many more, is based on nothing less than the time they invested in attaining a certain goal. We only achieve that which we have worked for.

Students, however, need to be brought to the awareness that good grades won’t just be thrown on the table. They need to be sweated for and this means dividing the time that you have into different aspects that will get you the grades that you would like to acquire.

One of the ways a student can effectively make use of their time is by organising it. Time indeed is a substance we can’t change, however, we can decide to have it under our control. One can do this by having a clear picture of your upcoming days and what you have planned for each day. This helps in a way that you can be able to assign a specific hour of day for a specific activity. One can never go wrong with organisation.

Additionally, setting priorities as a student is very significant because it narrows down one’s objectives to the minimal necessities. For example, if you have multiple subjects or courses that you do, concentrate and give time to the ones that are giving you a hard time.  By doing this, you will be more aware of your week spots, thus, making you more likely to tackle the problem at hand.

The next step after setting your priorities straight, is to make a schedule. Organise your schedule in a way that you will be able to pin point every course or subject you offer and the time it has been assigned. It is advisable to squeeze in a reasonable amount of time for personal revision. This time is crucial because it enables one to revise and go through what has been taught in previous classes in order to prevent one from forgetting.

At this time of the year, students from all over the world are starting the school year. Some are entering candidate classes and others are in pre-candidate classes. Either way, students find it difficult to manage their limited time wisely. There comes the common problem of procrastination. Students tend to think that they will always be enough time to hand in an assignment or study an upcoming quiz. When the time reaches for delivery, we wonder where time went.

I believe that for us to avoid procrastination, we should always acknowledge that it is never too early to educate yourself more on a particular topic, or to work on an assignment that is due in one week. The high school that I graduated at, Nu Vision High School, had a motto that I think all students should live by: “The better prepared the stronger”. This motto sums up what all students have to do in order to achieve the success we all crave.