How to make Christmas season fun

Christmas is getting pretty close, you may be wondering how best and distinctively you can make it for the little ones, without spending too much. This is how;

Decorate your Christmas tree. The beauty of Christmas comes about when you engage kids in decoration. Buy a simple Christmas tree, stage it in the corner of the sitting room and decorate it with lights and Christmas balls. This will put kids in the Christmas mood.

Donate food and other necessities to the needy. You can put a smile on the face of those who can’t afford a good meal. Go with children to visit vulnerable people and offer food, bread, soap, clothes, so that they too celebrate the great day.

Invite friends over. Let your child’s friends come over for a small Christmas party. Buy a cake and allow all children to cut it. Let them drink soda; eat cake, dance, and be merry. It is those small events that excite kids.

Buy some gifts and wrap them. Play a game where you write each member of the family’s name. Let each one pick a name and buy a gift for that person they have picked. Give some money to your child so that they can also buy gifts. Let everyone hide their gifts until Christmas when everyone will be requested to hand over a gift to the person they picked. This game will keep the day pleasurable. The gifts don’t have to be expensive.

Take lots of photos as you spend family time together. Christmas is for spending time with loved ones; therefore, each moment needs to be captured. Take as many photos as you wish. These will be cherished memories that you will enjoy for years.

Get to know your neighbours. If you haven’t taken time to socialise with your neighbours, this is the right time to do so. Visit them; you might win your child some new friends.

Buy Christmas books. Your child must be interested in knowing more about Christmas; what does it mean? And why is it celebrated? Buy them books with pictures about the birth of Jesus.

Catch movies together. Gather at home and watch Christmas movies, if possible, go to the cinema. The Christmas mood has to be maintained. If you don’t want congested places, home is the best place to be.

Make a Christmas wish. As the year comes to an end, kids might have a thousand wishes. Allow them make them.

Go for Christmas carols. Get an evening and attend church for Christmas carols. You can even sing Christmas carols with the kids at home.

Allow kids make paper Christmas cards. You don’t have to buy Christmas cards, provide your kids with pencils, papers and colours, ask them to design Christmas cards with a special message written inside. This will excite kids and keep them busy at the same time. Let them give some cards to their friends.

Go on a holiday. You can decide to go on a holiday away from home. Visit museums, game parks and much more.

A Merry Christmas to you all!