How can Rwandans beat plastic pollution?

Rwanda joined the rest of the world in celebrating the 2018 National Environment Week, and held the ‘Beat Plastic Pollution Walk’ in Kigali last week with the aim to raise awareness and encourage the general public to join the effort in addressing plastic pollution.

Even though the Government of Rwanda successfully decided to ban plastic bags in 2008, the latest campaign by the Environment ministry and its affiliated agencies is now targeting straws and other disposable materials.

Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa asks: How can Rwandans do away with plastic pollution?


Beating plastic pollution is cost effective. By switching from water disposable bottles to reusable one and investing in a water dispenser, we can save money and protect our environment. It’s also a way to ensure good health because plastic waste ends up in waterways, on farms and into the food that we eat and the water we drink.

David Toovey, Managing Director, Spruik Agency


Banning plastics is not enough, we need to teach people proper ways to dispose of plastics, and recycling plastics to keep our environment safe and clean. Also, factories should recycle their own plastic products but shouldn’t be out of business. We also need to encourage people to love their natural environment.

This is an important aspect because if one doesn’t love his or her environment, then we won’t see the importance of conserving it.

Crista Uwase, collage artist


As Rwandans, we have done a lot in beating plastic pollution. However, we need to put in more effort in raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and the harm that it can do to our environment.

Vanessa Mpogazi, 2016 Miss Rwanda Contestant


Recycling and reusing plastic containers is something that we have been doing for quite some time but as Rwandans, I believe that we can do more in recycling and reusing plastic for us to get away with the pollution.

Junior Kanamugire, founder of Pikiwash




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