A high school graduate’s biggest concern

Students during an exam. Net photo.

Waiting for exam results can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when D-day is closing in. However, this is normal; besides, a little bit of stress could actually help you plan better next time to deal with problems and pressure.

High school has been tiresome, to say the least, and my everyday dream was it coming to an end. I visualised the time when there will be no one banging at the door at 4am telling us to wake up for morning preps—this was perhaps what I dreaded most.

The day I sat my last exam was very exciting, I couldn’t help myself, and screamed out loud when I was done. But now that I’m done, I have one problem; I feel uneasy about the results that are yet to be released.

This is not because I did not do my exams well, or that I suspect bad results, it’s only because these are the results of my last six years, and they are the same results that will determine which university I go to.

“I am really nervous about this, if only I had the ability to prolong time,” says Caroline Umutesi, a graduate at King David Academy in Kigali. Umutesi says that she is passionate about business and wants a good university outside the country so that she can later come back to invest in her motherland.

Many graduates worry about their results because of pressure from their parents who naturally expect good results.

Worrying about the future, and if the right choice for the years ahead will be made, also causes anxiety.

“I am glad I’m done with high school but I can’t take my mind off the results. I’ve never been this nervous; an aunt called asking if the results are out. This made me realise how eager my relatives are, and that they are expecting only the best from me. I’m afraid I might disappoint them. If the results come out, say, in August, I’ll be ready for them,’’ says Yves Shema, a former student at Amies des Enfants.

My advice to every graduate is to keep calm and try to avoid negativity.

Avoid spending time worrying about tomorrow. If you care for good results, you will most certainly achieve them.

Also, know that not doing well in exams doesn’t make you a failure, and there is no secret to success. It is learning from our mistakes and making sure to do better that really counts.


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