Fashion trends that stood out in 2018

The fashion scene has been ground-breaking this year. Trends have been on an upsurge with many fabulous styles hitting the market, and as the year comes to an end, we bring you styles that have stood out in the fashion industry.

Off-the-shoulder outfits

This trend has proved that it is far from over. Many women have graced the style this year with some going for it for its casual flair, whereas others have even taken it to black tie events. It is the elegance that comes with this ensemble that has made it stick to the top of trendsetters’ list.

The ‘Kitenge’

This too has remained a staple piece in fashion. Right from handbags, suits, and dresses to shoes, the kitenge has remained a relevant embroidery in outfits. While it has generally been an African tradition, designers from across the globe have recently embraced it and with it spectacular attires have come to life. One will always stand out when dressed in a fine woven kitenge.

Double denim

Men have this year have given this style a seal of approval, this is why it has been trending. Double denim has always held a spectacular sight because of that chic look it gives. Men have rocked this ensemble and looked effortlessly stylish.


Though celebrities have embraced it more, tunics have certainly become a comfortable addition to many men’s wardrobes. The outfit is suitable for almost all kinds of occasions with many preferring it over fitting skinnies or knee-length shorts paired with sneakers.

Floral pants

Women have kept it bright and floral with flaring flower-patterned pants this year. This look has captured many because of its outright feminine and sensual appeal. Many have embraced this look by pairing these pants with simple silky or strapless tops and for those who went for an office look; they had a blazer to complete the ensemble.

Transparent mules

Fashion lovers have proved that one can wear these trendy shoes with absolutely anything. They are simple, comfortable and totally fashionable and they can go with anything, jeans or skirts. The trending shoes are a perfect way to take one’s outfit to the next level.

Sleeveless blazers or long waist coats

These have risen to fame because of their ability to flatter any kind of body shape. With the right size and colour, women have showcased elegance when wearing these coats. They mostly come in plain and neutral colours which makes it easier to blend them with a number of outfits.

Vintage wide pants

These ones also fall under the same category of floral pants but are different because they are usually big and mostly worn as office outfits. Women have fallen in love with them as well because of their comfortable fit and a material that is usually smooth on the skin yet flatters one’s body. They are mostly wide legged and of ankle length with side pockets.


Commonly known as Rwanda’s unique form of art, Imigongo has taken Rwanda’s fashion scene by storm with almost every designer incorporating this wonderful piece of art in their designs. The design gives clothes an impeccable touch of elegance which is what has given it a household name in the fashion industry.

Skinny cat eye glasses

Call it a retro look but this throw-back cat eye style of glasses has turned out to be a trend this year. A number of celebrities have been spotted wearing them. Fashion savvies have also embraced it but apart from being trendy, this design of glasses is easy to style for either red carpet or casual looks.

Puff sleeves

They are classy, simple and bring out the best with every one regardless of one’s body shape. Fashion gurus have come to like this trend; this can be seen with the numerous photos posted on social media with stylish women donning this style. These tops can work an office or casual look and can definitely look neat without putting in a lot of effort.

Bright and bold colours

Bold colours have been trending for some years now and in 2018, fashion enthusiasts have kept up with the spirit. These colours have indeed become versatile because of their unique ability to mix beautifully with a broad range of design trends; one would call them the epitome of charm and luxury.

The ever trending skinny jeans

There is no doubt that skinny jeans are here to stay. This style continues to reign with both men and women finding it irresistible not to own a good number of pairs. Their ability to flatter all body shapes have made them an adorable piece to anyone whose loves fashion.