The essence of rules and regulations in schools

For a school to excel and thrive at its main purpose of providing education for the students it has enrolled, there needs to be a set of rules and regulations that governs the school at large. This is extremely crucial for the students because they are given a guideline to protect and show them a clear difference of right from wrong.

When a student is exposed to rules in their school, it enables them to remain focused and most likely excel in their education. School rules instil discipline in students. When they are aware of right and wrong, do’s and don’ts, they will be aware of the consequences that follow if the rules are broken.

 Another influence that school rules have on students is that it helps create good behaviour in them. A huge section of our lives is mostly spent in school. So if a school doesn’t portray or set a good example that the students can follow, what they pick up from school may end up following them up as they mature. Parents not only send their children to attain academic excellence, but to gain moral values as well.

Additionally, rules and regulations in schools assist students to prepare for their lives in the future, and dealing with society. The world has its own set of rules and conditions in order to deal with various controversies. So comprehending the importance of these rules at an early age will aid them to respect the impact it has on the world and society.

 One the other hand, no matter how beneficial these rules are in shaping the minds of students, they still find difficulty in agreeing with the concept. They think that they are being deprived of their choices and their right to fun and creativity. I believe that however much they don’t believe its impact in the short-run, they begin to appreciate its effects in the long run.

 If schools were to permit the total freedom of students to run wild and be given the authority to implement every idea that came to their minds, chaos would flow through the walls of schools. That is why these school rules are a vital tool. It helps the students to maintain a sane mind in order to work hard to achieve the highest level of excellence that they can.



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