Embracing sports is fundamental in pursuing proper educational goals

Physical activity plays a central role towards wider education outcomes. Net photo.

Sports and physical education have for long been an overlooked concept despite their obvious significance in the scholastic scope. 

This is why there is need for a re-assessment of these two concepts in regards to the roles they have to play if we are to aim for wider educational goals and realistically built experiences.


Sports is a primary constituent of the Commonwealth ideals and it is highly recommended far beyond a universal facet. This is why it is prevalent among the member countries.


As a matter of fact, there have been several engagements and initiatives by the Commonwealth that are at the heart of making the most out of this un-exploited educational prospective.


The notion of sports is broadly constructed in a way that it can be used as a tool to sharpen an organisation’s development agenda, and an arsenal that can be harnessed to champion peace and build a strong and well-informed citizenry.

However, the attitude towards its relevance within wider educational policies and practices continues to receive varying response from not only education stakeholders, but also prominent academicians.

This area is given no priority and is considered as a light-hearted area that does not need any sort of human urgency, compared to other preferred issues considered as urgent that are apparently affecting education.

The idea that sports plays a central role towards wider education outcomes is noticeably dismissed by the players that are supposed to be defining its primary significance to holistic educational opportunities.

Some distinguished scholars nonetheless have not agreed with those who do not consider the worth of this towards attainment of holistic educational goals and policy practices.

For the last few years, numerous studies have been carried out to justify the magnitude of this observable fact, and many have proposed that sports and physical education should play a considerable role towards broadening and meeting education objectives.

Avid supporters of this school of thought believe that incorporating sport, as well as physical education, within the holistic education policy deliberations is equally relevant.

But then again, little has been done about it. The two are still given minimal attention and discussed independently, which continues to distance them from the holistic educational practices. Yet, an integrated approach would have been more useful.

Sports and physical education are the answer to the much needed approach to education and once considered a significant tool, it can be used to address a number of educational challenges and nurture responsible citizens with comprehensive knowledge.

It is, therefore, important that we frequent the consideration of this noble facet in the pursuit of meaningful educational outcomes

The writer is a PhD student at Beijing Normal University.

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