Don’t be lazy, go for sports

School-based sports programmes can bring out noticeable positive reactions and behaviours in teens. Net photo.

Time management is essential for any student, especially if sports activities are involved.  Many students put all of their concentration in books, not knowing the benefits games have to offer.

“In my previous class, I would do some sports whenever I was free. This year, I hadn’t planned to, but then I started getting frequent headaches. I went to see the doctor and he recommended that I engage in sports. I find it hard as my schedule is tighter, but with time, I will adjust. It is a healthy decision to make’’ says Peace Kayitesi.

Students’ engagement in sports activities also leads to better social relationships. Students often create close relationships with others on the team, which is very important for emotional and physical health. They bond over a common passion; and bonds built often last long after high school.

Athletes are known to have strong focus and concentration in their other activities, and so students need to engage in sports to pass their exams. Find your passion, it could be football, basketball or volleyball, which are all found in schools.

Achieving a fitness goal will help you achieve academic goals too. This is because watching your hard work pay off will give your self-esteem a boost too.

“Sports is life and there are many reasons to get involved. As my biology teacher always tells us, games help the body build new cells, replacing the worn out cells. Sports can help students study well as the brain gets a boost. I urge every student to do sports in a planned and timely manner,’’ Seth Hajabagabo says.

Furthermore, sports helps get rid of stress and pressure. It is normal to be pressured and stressed, especially around the exam period, but sports will help you overcome this.

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