Did somebody say 10:00pm?

“That was my reaction on learning that the onset of the night-time curfew had been eased to 10:00pm. Bruce Melodie must be already working on a “Saa Yine” rendition! Seriously though, this extension may be just 60 minutes but it buys everybody more time to wrap things up, even though serial procrastinators like myself will probably just have another excuse to put things off and still make the mad dash trying to beat the curfew! 

9:00pm wasn’t too bad but 7:00pm was a bit tricky. That used to be the kids’ dinner or bedtime so for grownups to be home and ready for bed too was a little strange. Slowly but surely, life’s returning to the “old normal” and after all the sacrifices we’ve had to make, it feels good seeing more places and things reopening or restarting after several months of closure. 


It reminds me of my somewhat strict upbringing. My parents weren’t tyrants, far from it, but they had this thing where you couldn’t do certain things until you were a certain age. There was a time you had to be home before they returned from work and God help you if you weren’t. By University, the rules had been relaxed. I could hang with friends after dark, pretty much wear what I wanted including jewellery and makeup, I was “allowed” to have a boyfriend- that sort of thing. 


Back to the gradual relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions, obviously we are not out of the woods yet but if we remain as vigilant as we have been over the last few months, we just might beat this thing by Christmas! Real talk though, who else can’t wait for the all-clear for kids to return to school? The prospect presents its own risks and children must be commended for keeping it together pre and post lockdown because this has been a trying time for them too. But anyone who’s had to work through teens blasting music or bouncing balls off any and every surface will welcome the development whenever that finally happens.



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