David Mucyo on his rise in music production business

Producer David Mucyo, a.k.a Made Beats, in his studio. Courtesy photo.

Three years since he launched his career, 24-year-old ‘Made Beats’, real name David Mucyo, has established himself as one of the top music producers in the country, having been behind the production of  several hit songs  which have earned widespread airplay on local broadcast stations and clubs.

It has taken him just over two years to start his own Rwf15m recording studio called ‘Made Beats Studio’, in  Kiyovu, where hit songs like Lose control by US based singers The Ben and Meddy, Diarabi by Jules Sentore and Ikinyarwanda by Bruce Melodie and Riderman were produced.

In an interview with Sunday Magazine’s Eddie Nsabimana, the 24 year-old revealed the secret to his fast rising career and his plans for 2019.

How did you enter the music production business?

Actually I was a pianist and beat maker before embarking on a professional career in 2016. I got an opportunity to interact with key figures in the music production like producers Nikolas and Zizou Alpacino.

During our time together at his studio, Monster Records, Zizou connected me to different artistes because he saw something special in me.

Two years later, I decided to have my own studio, after realising that things were ticking for me. The studio was not part of the plans this early but, because my career was growing fast, and now that I created a big connection with a lot of music stars already, I no longer felt I could keep working for others.

That is where the idea to have my own studio came.

How can you describe the year 2018 in relation to your production career?

2018 was the year when people started to discover who I really am. Although I was already working with stars in 2017, some artistes would come to me just to try my productions skills and talent.

But in 2018, they wanted to work with me because they already knew that I can do great things with them. I produced over 20 songs which went on to become hits given how they gained a lot of airplay.

How much does a person need to start a studio?

By minimizing the expenses possible, the minimum investment you need to start a presentable studio is at least Rwf 5 million.

Which big artistes do you work with?

I work with any artiste, but some of the biggest local artistes I have worked with so far are The Ben, Meddy, King James, Tom Close, Bruce Melodie, Christopher, Riderman, Jules Sentore and so many more.

Tell us some of the hits that were recorded at your studios?

They are many. I can mention Lose Control, a collabo between Meddy and The Ben, Superstar by Social Mula, Igikomere by Tom Close featuring Bull Dogg, Like a Queen by Lil G featuring Christopher, Ikinyarwanda a collaboration between Bruce Melodie and Riderman, In a Million by Safi Madiba featuring Harmonize, Love You another collabo by Marina and Harmonize and Jules Sentore’s Diarabi, Warakoze as well as Guluma his collabo with Irene Ntale.

What have been your best moments as a producer?

My best moment was the day Meddy and The Ben were at my studio recording together their collaboration ‘Lose Control’. The Ben is a top artiste and so is Meddy. Then imagine bringing the two of them together in the studio yet I was not a top producer. It was a bit tricky for me but having them in the same room was a good experience for me.

Your music is increasingly gaining a lot of airplay, what is the secret behind it?

I would be lying if I tell you there is a secret behind. It is just hard work and being professional.

What challenges have you encountered so far?

The challenge came when I was working for others. Sometimes you don’t bring out creativity in what you are doing because you have to work under your employer’s rules. But I can now do whatever I want and the way I want because I have my own studio.

The other challenge is little government investment in the entertainment industry yet it has great influence on society.

What plans do you have in 2019?

I want to triple what I did in 2018.







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