Can we have basic manners in public?

Talking too loud in public can make others uncomfortable. / Net photo

I am not one to gossip but this has to be said. There is someone I know who picks his nose every five minutes, and I don’t know how to approach him about it. I dread shaking his hand but what can I do when he stretches out to greet me?

How about making use of a handkerchief and excusing yourself from public to clean your nose when no one is watching?

Another habit that really irritates me is loud conversations on phone in public. On Monday, I boarded a bus after a hectic day but I instantly regretted why I never used a moto. A certain lady was having a phone conversation, but everyone else had to keep quiet because she was so loud.

She was venting to a friend or relative about an ill-mannered boss; she said the boss is mean and puts pressure on her and other employees but doesn’t raise salaries yet they work hard and over time.

No one cares about that, at least not the strangers you are with on the bus. Everyone has their own trouble but public isn’t the best place to air out those issues. It is advisable to use a low tone or if the conversation is personal, perhaps tell the person you are talking to that you will get back to them when you get home. Don’t be the reason people do not want to use public means.

Loudspeaker lovers are another lot.  First of all, it is mean to put someone on loudspeaker, and it is inconveniencing for the people around you who want to concentrate on their business.

Brushing hair in public is also distasteful. Excuse yourself and go to the washroom, comb your hair and fix your makeup comfortably.

Clipping nails or biting them while spiting is not a pretty sight. Texting while talking to someone is impolite. You can’t concentrate on what they have to say as your attention is divided.

Talking with your mouth full, or while eating, is not okay. It is also uncomfortable listening to someone make sounds while eating.

The worst of the worst are the people who spit everywhere and anywhere.

Walking while dragging shoes is distracting, and sneezing with your mouth open is nauseating.

Last but not least, using a toothpick with your mouth open and spitting residues anyhow is unacceptable. You can use a napkin to cover your mouth as you clean your teeth without anyone looking inside your mouth.