Are you a pacemaker or the opposite?

Last weekend the world watched as Eliud Kipchoge sprinted to the finish line, making history as the first human being to run a marathon in under two hours. When he took on the INEOS challenge, Eliud said it was to prove that man has no limits. I believe that. Do you? 

We were created to be anything we want and to achieve everything that can be achieved, as long as we tell ourselves it is possible. 


As Kipchoge set a world record, he was surrounded by more than 30 great athletes who decided to ‘escort’ their friend to this great fete, they knew all eyes would be on him but it did not matter, he wins, they win! 


The INEOS challenge is life and you are Eliud; trying to survive, achieve, make history, cause change, create an impact and you are not alone; you have family, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, of what use are they to you? When you say, people let’s run do they offer to run the race with you or do they stand aside and dare you to run alone because it’s going to be a long tough race and they are not in the mood for the daunting task? Do they ask who do you think you are to imagine you will do what has never been done before? 


Are they good pacemakers? Do they run to help you win so that you all can celebrate or do they run for what is there for them? Are you doing life alone or do you have a support system? Life is sweeter when lived with others, victory and success are more enjoyable when celebrated with others. 

Did you see what the pacemakers did for Kipchoge? Did you see the smiles, how they lifted and patted him, can your team do that for you?

Enough about other people, let’s do a soul search. By the time Kipchoge had all these people come out for him, he must have deserved it. Are you a team player? 

What role do you play in other people’s lives? When friends need you are you there for them or are you the type that is ever busy? Do we expect people to be there for us but we never are there for them?  

Do you appreciate people and the contribution they make in your life? Also, the friends and family do we judge and rate them by what they bring or do we thank them for just being there and being them?

Eliud said he runs to prove that man can do and become anything under the sky. When someone comes to you for counsel do you tell them they can or they can’t? Do you sit with them and try to find a way it can be done or do you say their life does not concern you? Are you a pacemaker? Are you someone to be counted on? Let’s ponder.

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