Are phones our best friends?

Many people’s social media use is habitual. / Net photo

It was a month of preparation and excitement. Everyone was shopping; grand outfits, and accessories. The function that had everyone busy as bees was a high school reunion. Imagine the excitement of seeing and catching up with old friends?

It was beautiful, to be honest, everyone respected the purple-white theme. The event was hosted at a hotel by the poolside. Fresh air, relaxation and a feast. But sadly, I expected way too much, and I was disappointed; everyone was occupied, not with the people they hadn’t seen in years, with their phones.

Instead of catching up, reminiscing about the good old days, and sharing future plans, they preferred to interact with their phones. I got so bored and wished I had stayed home, probably sleeping, reading a novel or watching a movie—that would’ve been more fun. What was the purpose of the reunion? Was it to eat and go? That was me speaking to myself. Nowadays phones are more precious than friendships.

Have you ever talked to someone for about five or ten minutes and all they say is ‘yes’, with their eyes glued to their phone, and when you ask what you just told them, they are confused because they weren’t actually paying attention?

Let us not allow phones to be our bosses or influence, if you are on a date or having a conversation with someone, put your phone in silent mode or use it only when necessary or urgent. If you are in church, do yourself, and everyone else, a favour and switch your phone off to avoid distraction.

In public places, like a bus, it will not hurt to say ‘hello’ to your neighbour before you sit and wear your headsets. A lady once entered the bus, sat next to me, pulled out her phone and started playing Candy Crush Saga without even looking at me. After about 30 minutes, she needed information about where she was going. She wasn’t sure about her stop. She then turned to me, greeted and requested for directions. I helped her out.

How I wish we had a “no phones day”. It would be new, but fun.