The all-round trench coat

The trench coat does not go out of style. Net photos

The history of the trench coat actually dates back to about a hundred years ago. It was originally developed years prior to the First World War and was worn by army officers. It was designed to be literally worn in the trenches, thus its name.

The trench coat is a true fashion accessory that looks good on everyone. It carries out its duty both on a sunny day and a rainy day as well. The trench coat should be hanging on every lady’s rack of clothes. The preferable colour to pull off a trench coat could be khaki, because it goes with just about any outfit.

The beauty of this coat is that whether you are in sweat pants or dressed in Prada, the right coat can be able to elevate your look to effortless and classy all at once. What is placed under the coat doesn’t really diminish the look at all.

The trench coat comes in a variety of styles and sizes. If you are looking for the loose fitting coat, one would settle for the drape trench coat. This coat is slouchier and more relaxed than the other coats out there. It also tends to be longer than the other coats, which gives it a little more edge.

“The 70s fashion is reflecting back in our time. Trench coats these days have been designed to be comfortable garments that are chic. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be worn at a specific event,” says Iteka Lesa, a college student based in the US.

The trench coat is definitely the go-to style accessory that every lady needs to have. Your size doesn’t matter at all because they come in all sizes.

 “I would advise ladies out there to own a trench coat because it really makes one stand out. They don’t need a specific season which is also an advantage,” Deborah Uwase, a boutique owner at T2000, says.