New book cautions people on incestuous violence

From Left: Ntarindwa Diogene, Professor Tony Kamanzi, Uwacu Karekezi Martine and Numuhire Caroline/Bahizi Craish
From Left: Ntarindwa Diogene, Professor Tony Kamanzi, Uwacu Karekezi Martine and Numuhire Caroline/ Bahizi Craish

Though most common violence relates to biologically unrelated people,  incestuous violence is a severe threat.

That is what 32-year-old Namuhire Caroline's new book written in French entitled, “L’oncle gynecologue” loosely translated as “A gynecologist uncle”, tackles.  The book was launched on Wednesday, January 29, in Kigali.


“L’oncle gynecologue” narrates a story of how a girl became pregnant and asked her gynaecologist uncle to her a pregnancy test, but the uncle took that as an opportunity and raped her. After birth, the girl sued her uncle in court which created a serious row in the family. As a punishment, the parents chased her away to go to live upcountry with her grandparents because they did not believe her.


In her speech at the launch, Numuhire Caroline, remarked that people need to be cautious about everyone, without relying on their spiritual beliefs, cultural perspectives or family relationships.


“We need to be careful everywhere. One typical example: In our culture, we are people who most of the times like embracing one another. That is a positive thing that opportunists may take as an advantage and end up committing a one way or another,” said Numuhire.

Professor Tony Kamanzi, a PhD holder in Literature said that those cases are a result of authoritarian rule in families.

“I wonder why we can have such families. This is not love; it is parent’s authoritarianism. I also wonder why that uncle keeps portraying such animalism to his niece. Therefore, these are the lessons we should always be giving our children to make them aware of this outside world”, said prof Kamanzi.

Caroline, a master’s degree holder from University of Global Health Equity said that she started writing the book ten years ago .

“I always read foreign books, but wondered ‘why not write our stories of Gisozi, Kacyiru, Giporoso, etc? That was what initiated me to come up with this book”, added the author.

Numuhire Caroline/ Bahizi Craish

The writer of another book, “Mirror of Stolen Hearts”, was hailed by a lot of people including Uwacu Karekezi Martine, an author and language facilitator at Green Hills Academy.

“I was convinced to read this interesting book, but to me it is a surprise to see a young girl like this with a passion for advocating for her peers through writing’, said Karekezi .

This launch took place in a series of events providing a platform to youths to develop young innovators’ project. The project is known as “L’Atomiom”, was initiated by comedian Ntarindwa Diogene, also known as 'Atome'.

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