[FEATURED] BBOXX Rwanda Ltd commemorates

BBOXX staff honor victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi at Nyanza Genocide Memorial First raw L-R, Claudine Uwagaga (HR Manager) and John Uwizeye (Head of Retail Operations).

BBOXX Rwanda last week paid tribute to Tutsi victims laid to rest at Nyanza Genocide Memorial and donated support to Genocide survivors in Busasamana Sector, Nyanza District, Southern Province, as part of the on-going 100 days of Commemoration activities which will run until July 4.

During the Commemoration activity, the employees of the solar power utility company also toured the Memorial’s mass grave which is home to 24,357 bodies, 50 more are set to be given a decent burial at the Memorial on May 28.

Alphonse Muhoza, the Advisor of Nyanza District Advisory Committee, thanked BBOXX for their support to the Genocide survivors and called on more stakeholders to replicate the initiative.

“Commemoration is not a special activity of the local administration or Genocide survivors but a responsibility for everyone. We really thank BBOXX, our stakeholder, for choosing to bring their Commemoration initiative to Nyanza and we are grateful for their support,” said Muhoza.

The advisor to the District Advisory Commitee, Alphonse Muhoza lays a wreath.

“This shows us that our country has a bright future if other stakeholders continue to do the same as BBOXX did today. We hope to work together with more stakeholders to help Genocide survivors change and improve their standards of living,” he said.

John Uwizeye, the Head of Retail Operations at BBOXX Rwanda said that, as a company operating in Rwanda, BBOXX will always put aside everything they are involved in on a day-to-day basis to join Rwandans in honoring the lives of Tutsi lost during the Genocide.

“Today, we are with you, Genocide survivors, to remind you that you are not alone. The journey to healing and rebuilding requires more than just giving back. It requires a lot of energy, psychological and physical. We understand that it is difficult to endure what you went through, but we are here to comfort and bring you hope that this country has transformed for the better,” Uwizeye told Genocide survivors in Nyanza.

“We are always reminded and inspired by your bravery to live a life full of purpose despite the dark days you are still fighting to leave behind and the healing wounds that you still have to deal with every day. There’s nothing anyone can do to reverse the past but we affirm our commitment to remember, unite through the strength, dignity and resilience of all Rwandans and renew our determination to work together to develop our country,” he further said.

The company extended support to 50 Genocide survivors selected in collaboration with Busasamana Sector. The support included health insurance premiums, foodstuff, hygiene materials and small livestock to rear.

Anastasie Mukarutabana, 56, is one of the support beneficiaries. She sees BBOXX’s initiative beyond being a support but a way to bring back hope to Genocide survivors that they can live a happy life again despite losing three of her children and a husband during the Genocide. “I am grateful for the support. This shows that we can still hope to live a better life and that we can achieve a life we desire thanks to the people who show us that they care about us,” she said.

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