From writing to singing: How Covid-19 helped Gasana discover hidden talent

Mutesi Gasana, the founder of Ubuntu publishers and Arise Education Rwanda, has ventured into gospel music. / Photo: Courtesy.

It’s quite obvious that the Novel Coronavirus has upstretched hidden talents in people, as many got enough time to determine what they can do, either through creating businesses, singing, writing, baking, drawing, among others.

For Mutesi Gasana, the founder of Ubuntu publishers and Arise Education Rwanda, business and writing books were her order of the day before she noticed that she could actually sing.


Before the lockdown was lifted in Rwanda, she had enough time to meditate, reflect, recommit to God, and grow spiritually. It was during that period with no busy schedules that rose the singing, sleeping giant in her.


Gasana wrote her first song “Uri Uwera Mwami” (You are Holy my Lord), which she released on September 1.


“In my house, we normally have monthly two-hour worship. We call it ‘The experience’. It has been with us and we love worshiping and praising God. I feel like the entire world owes God just that,” she stressed.

The upcoming singer also dropped another song called “You deserve the Glory” in mid-September where she was expressing her gratitude to God for the great things He has done in her life.

The whole song is based on Psalm 103:1, one of her favourite bible scriptures.

On October 1, she released “Nitaimba Neema Zako”, which means, “I will sing of your Mercy.”

So far, all her three songs are in audios as she is looking forward to making videos by December 2020.

When asked if she will proceed with singing, considering life is getting back to normal, as she has to focus on her other businesses, she responded that she will continue singing because serving God isn’t something one chooses but God selects a person to serve.

The singer said she has four songs that are yet to be out soon.

When she is not singing, or at her publishing house, she is either at the bookshop or writing books. 

Gasana has written children’s books like, “Tona”, “Ibirori by’inyamaswa”, “Amarushanwa y’inyamaswa”, “Urutare tea Kamegeri” (co-authored), and “My name is Alphabet.”

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