What you missed at Kassav’ Valentine’s concert

It was a lovers’ and family affair at the Kigali Convention Center auditorium, as legendary French Caribbean group, Kassav’ brought down a full house at their "Kassav’ Live" concert on Friday night.

The highly anticipated concert will go down as the best-attended music gig and by far the biggest music fete Kigali has seen this year.

Organisers perhaps underestimated the attendance as ordinary tickets were already sold out before the show could even start and by showtime, the venue was full to the brim.

At exactly 8pm, the live concert started with Neptunez Band performing to a full house. Performing songs romantic songs like Flying without wings, My Valentine, they helped set the mood for 30 minutes before Rwandan RnB singer Christopher Muneza stepped on stage to perform some of his renditions.

With a team of back up dancers, the singer did his best to cheer up the seemingly ‘cold’ crowd with songs like Iri Joro, Abasitari, Ijuru rito, Simusiga.

He managed to heighten the mood during his one-hour performance, in between, appreciating his fans for their support in the last ten years of his musical career.

NEP DJs made sure people stayed on their feet with an impressive playlist of reggae tunes as the Kassav’ prepared the stage for the headliners of the show.

A few minutes past 10pm, Kassav stepped on stage wowing their crowd with their musicality, sound and choreography throughout the two hours of their performance.

Couples and friends danced to their tunes “Zouk la se sel medikaman nou ni”, “Mwen di ou awa”, “Oh Madiana”, “Doméyis”, “Siwo” and “Pa bizwen pale”. The crowd went wild upon their third performance, ‘Ou lé’, as the whole crowd stood dance.

Needless to say, the vibrancy of the band despite their age and the songs that evoked childhood memories especially for the youth won the originators of Zouk from Guadeloupe, new fans as they wowed the crowd.

The show that was organised by RG Consult and Arthur Nation both creative and events management companies, did not go without blame.

Doors to the venue were closed by 9:30, leaving many revelers who had booked for the show stranded outside the fully packed venue.

Organisers, however, were quick to rectify the issue and asked that the band stage another performance on February 15 to the satisfaction of many.

“Due to the high demand, KASSAV has accepted our request to have a second concert on the 15th Feb at KCC. We hope that you could accept our sincere apologies. We invite you all to come & celebrate with us. Thanks for your continuous support,” tweeted Arthur Nkusi, CEO of Arthur Nation.


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