Weya Viatora showcases potential at debut album launch

At one point, Weya went down on her knees during her performance with one of her dancers.

With most of her songs written in English and a few in Kinyarwanda, Weya Viatora is considered one of Rwanda’s talented artistes that could break into international ranks in future.

The Green Ferry Music artiste proved just that when she launched her debut album Fire Flame on Saturday evening at Kigali Cultural Village, promising to promote culture through music.

The 22- year old singer, a graduate of Kepler University in Business Management, joined the music industry in 2015, showcasing a style of music that can be described as a bend of contemporary and traditional. Her first album is composed of 13 singles ,such as Empty house, Our love, Heritage, Eyes open dreaming, Face again, Icumu n’Ingabo, and Intimba, among others.

Revellers sing along happily with the performers. Photos by Frederic Byumvuhore

Being passionate about Rwandan culture, Weya in partnership with Prime Mazimpaka and Ice Nova organised a show titled “Heritage” during which they showcased amazing and electric performances which were appreciated by music lovers.

On the stage, Weya introduced performers to the audience and took time to explain the meaning of certain words in her songs and the message her songs carry.

The show also featured eminent artistes including Mani Martin and upcoming names such as Tetta, Kevin Skaa and Maktain, whose performances also made the audience enjoy the music and took to their feet to dance. The show attracted Rwandans and expatriates, the young and the old.

Artistes perform on stage during Weya’s album launch at Kigali Cultural Village on Saturday.  

For Weya,Heritage concert was a reminder the young and old about the importance of preserving the culture saying that the heritage is about identity and values for every person.

 “The messages in my songs are about love, life, and heritage. Heritage is something everyone should know and respect since it consists of identity and values of the culture,” she said.

Eloi Mugabe, one of the organisers from Green Ferry Music, said that it is an important thing to have a young artiste who works to promote and protect culture through music.

Weya joined Mani Martin on stage to perform his Intero y’amahoro song during the concert. 

 “Majority of the young generation has embraced western culture at the expense of their own culture. The show was to remind the participants about the Rwandan culture. Our culture is our legacy, value and strength,” he added

The show closed at 10pm, with Weya thanking all those show showed up and promised more music and poetry. Those who attended noted the potential the singer has with some saying that she is set for the big time.