Wanted? Singer Meddy could be in trouble

Meddy performs during the East African Party at Amahoro National Stadium’s parking lot on January 1. Courtesy.

U.S-based singer Medard Ngabo could be in trouble following claims by a company that the Afro-R&B singer took their money, but failed to honour his commitment to perform in Belgium.

A Commercial Court letter seen by The New Times dated February 28, and signed by court registrar Justine Mukamana, summoning the singer or his representatives to a pre-trial appearance on March 14, indicates that Meddy is wanted for failing to honour contractual obligations.

“We Mukamana Justine, Registrar of Court, pursuant to article 26 of the law no. 22/2018 of 29/04/2018, determining Civil, Commercial, Labour and Administrative Procedures, Ngabo Medard, is required to go to the commercial court on March 14, 2014, 8h30”, in my office for a pre-trial conference for case RCOM00198/2019TC, brought by Kagi Rwanda Ltd, against Ngabo Medard,” the letter reads in part.

The objective of litigation is to recover money amounting to ($10, 000), of which he was given an advance of $880 to pay his support team and $4,500. The letter says that Meddy is expected to respond to the summon through the online case filing system Integrated Electronic Case Management System Rwanda (IECMS).

Stories have been making rounds in the local media and social media, that the singer is wanted, indicating that he met the company representatives in Kigali after his New Year’s show in Kigali and agreed to perform in Belgium, but never honoured the agreement.

The company, represented by court bailiff Hyacinthe Niyoyita, claims that the singer caused losses to the company, which had already incurred costs, including renting a hall and other expenses. The company, further claims that they had signed a contract with the singer, agreeing to pay up to $13, 000.

The company, further claims that the singer refused to cooperate, forcing them to opt for legal action. Meddy is yet to respond to the allegations.

Efforts to reach Meddy to hear his side of the story by press time  were futile, as text messages and calls went unanswered. The ‘Slowly’ singer last performed in Kigali at The East African Party on January 1, before he returned to the U.S with his fiancée.