Vulnerable children to acquire new skills in new partnership

Brass for Africa Teachers (in blue shirts) introducing brass instruments to children at Root Foundation in Kigali, Rwanda. Net.

A group of disadvantaged children are currently undergoing music education, life-skills training, oversite, monitoring and evaluation, at the Root Foundation— thanks to a new partnership between The Root Foundation and Brass for Africa.

The partnership will see Brass for Africa deliver the skills to children at the Roots Foundation headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda.

The new partnership was announced on February 7, as Brass for Africa seeks to expand its signature music and life-skills education training programme into Rwanda.

“Our focus is to build a better future for disadvantaged youth in Africa, by helping them gain essential and transferable life-skills such as leadership experience and self-confidence through music education. We also strive to promote a creative outlet in which young people can express themselves through music and have the opportunity to become part of a community that cares,” said Jim Trott, founder and executive director of Brass for Africa.

Brass for Africa uses music as a tool to empower and transform the lives of more than 1,000 extremely disadvantaged children and young people in Uganda, Liberia and now Rwanda every week.

“Rwanda, a place that has reinvented itself and is building the next generation of leaders, is a natural next step for us as we work to expand our programs supporting children across Africa,” he added.

Patrick Kiruhura, co-founder and legal representative of Root Foundation, confirmed the partnership and noted that a music teacher has already been hired and the kids at the Foundation are already learning brass music education.

“Music is known to ignite child development on many levels, and helps with academic rigor and focus. The Root Foundation is helping vulnerable children become self-confident community members, and by partnering with Brass for Africa we’re further empowering our students by improving their ability to learn, growing their self-esteem and preparing them for brighter futures,” he said.

Working with local organisations, Brass for Africa provides weekly brass music education with integrated life-skills training alongside performance opportunities to young people from orphanages, slum communities, street child centers and rehabilitation centers.

Based in Kigali, Root Foundation’s aim is to tackle root causes of children living on the streets through providing personal development education to street children, providing school scholarships and empowering the mothers of vulnerable families.

Brass for Africa was started in 2009 and has been helping to empower and transform the lives of more than 1,000 extremely disadvantaged children and young people in Uganda, Liberia and now Rwanda every week. The programmes help young people to work together, spurs creativity, instills confidence and allows the students to express themselves.