US based singer Ngendahayo on how he ditched journalism for music

Richard Ngendahayo is a gospel singer based in the US. courtesy.

A Praise and Worship leader in his home church in the United States, Gospel singer Richard Ngendahayo never thought of being a professional musician.

His music, for many years has rocked local airwaves. Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa had a chat with the US-based singer on his experience and plans for his music career.


For many years, your music has touched lives. How did your interest in music start?


In 1986, my family lived in exile in Bujumbura, Burundi as refugees. I was born in a family of seven kids, and I was the fourth among them, all of us were singers as we inherited this gift from our father who happened to be a Pastor in church, but was also a singer and dancer.


In 1987, I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior and a few months later, I joined the church choir, and began as a vocalist in choir, and one day while rehearsing in church, our worship leader announced that he felt that the time had come to change the leadership, he stressed that he strongly believed that I could do better than him because of my potential and character.

From that moment, I went on and made a very big impact and improvement in our singing in church where I served for many years. I had never dreamed of becoming a singer, songwriter or performer in my life, instead I dreamed to become a Journalist, but God transformed me into an instrument that would help his people get closer to him through music of hope and encouragement across the globe, for His Glory is unstoppable.

From your experience how can you say you improved musically?

I have improved through the Lord God Almighty who deserves all credits for His inspiration to me is unending. I am truly humbled for without him I am nothing.

What have been your highest and lowest point in your career?

My lowest point was when it took me eleven years to release a new song, not because of the resources but because I was looking for producers who would understand what my new music project would stand for.

I am somebody who does not rush for I am always looking for perfection and when the timing is right, it pays off.

What do you attribute your career success to?

God is the source of my success. Prayer, faith and faithfulness to Jesus Christ is the guideline to my career.

Do you have plans of returning back home?

Yes absolutely, I will get back when the timing is right because I always want to give fans a chance to learn my new songs, let them feel it as they familiarize with it, so when I come back my fans will be part of me and worship with me.

What other new projects do you have in the pipeline?

 I am working on releasing this new album in particular and also planning to work on video clips and many other projects will follow along the way.



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