“Slay queens- future mamas”, the poem making rounds explained

Yasipi Casmir during an interview with The New Times. / Photo by Olivier Mugwiza.

Nineteen-year-old Yasipi Casmir Uwihirwe, the Miss Rwanda 2019 1st runner and poet has released a new poem that she called, “Slay queens = future Mamas”.

The name itself makes one want to know more, but even the flow and creativity in the presentation is good to listen to. She raps in the introduction. The poem has been making rounds on social media.


It is a poem that discourages people, who feel or act resentful towards women and girls who behave or dress in a certain way that is classified as not with the morals and ethics of the Rwandan culture.


“Sometimes the people criticizing them are actually their fans. A lot of people ignore this topic but it is crucial, because these girls we are criticizing are the future mothers.”


She thinks that if society keeps abandoning the women, the society could be broken in the future.

 Uwihirwe explains that she is not encouraging ladies to be immoral, but at the same time she discourages the disgust towards them.

“Sometimes they are criticized but not even shown the right way to behave, but at the same time they are living in a life that is wrong.”

She also encourages girls to find the right ways to make money, other than selling their bodies, and also encourages people to not only focus on how girls behave, but also the people that make them behave that way.

In October 2018, Uwihirwe emerged winner in the Best English poem category at Kigali Vibrates With Poetry, a local poetry slam competition. Her winning entry was a poem titled “Humanity 60”.

Interestingly, she only discovered her poetic side following a poetry training and competition when she was still in high school.

The poet who has been described as the epitome of beauty and brains was set to go to the U.S for studies but her plans were hampered by the Covid-19 outbreak. She says as soon as the situation normalises, she will go to pursue her university studies.


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