Silent Disco, Celebrity Party mark Christmas festivities

Revellers at the Silent Street Disco were entertained by Kigali’s top DJs. Photos by Emmanuel Kwizera.

Christmas evening was characterised by a number of parties, which got revellers in the festive mood, majority of them passing without any incident. Some got overwhelming numbers in attendance, while others did not measure up, but overall, Kigalians had fun.

The ‘Street Silent Disco’ organised by Fuchsia Bar and Lounge, was by far the most successful event of Christmas. Thousands turned up at the Remera-based hangout to enjoy music from the best DJs in town who were sharing the same stage, each playing to impress the crowd.

According to Brigitte Kanyange, who owns the spot with her husband Jules Kalisa, they were overwhelmed by the numbers and did not anticipate the crowd despite securing off the stone road that passes in front of the bar leading up to Zigama-CSS. In the end, people had to share head phones because they were not enough.

Concertgoers cheer as the DJs played music at the ‘Street Silent Disco’ at Fuchsia Bar and Lounge in Remera, on Christmas.

“This is the second time we hosted the ‘Street Silent Disco’. We had ordered 1, 000 headphones, and did not think we will have more than 1, 000 people. Nobody saw that coming. Next year we will plan ahead of time and have as many headsets as possible,” said Kanyange.

She noted that while last year’s was successful, they did not project this year’s silent disco attracting as many people as it did.

With the help of Rwanda National Police, the street silent disco went without an incident as revelers enjoyed music from the city’s best DJs including DJ Marnaud, Veejay Nano, Veejay Mupenzi, DJ Pius, DJ Kadir and many others who took turns on turntables to deliver the best mixes to the crowd.

The weather was not disappointing despite drizzles earlier in the afternoon threatening to dampen the mood. The perfect setting under moonlight provided the best atmosphere for party lovers who thronged the event.

Several local celebrities including Charly na Nina, boy group Active, Uncle Austin and other personalities were in attendance while MC Tino made sure that the silent disco goers were hyped up throughout the event which started as early as 5pm and ended at 8am in the morning.

There were three channels for revelers to choose from in case they wanted to change the music while drinks and food were served in plenty.

“We think ‘Silent Street Disco’ is something revellers are beginning to get familiar with and it is conducive since there is no noise pollution. So next year we will make it bigger and better,” Kanyange told The New Times.

Elsewhere, Kimironko-based Pacha Club hosted its own version of silent disco which attracted a considerable number of people who also partied away through the night to two different DJs, proving that silent disco is becoming one of forms of entertainment that are fast gaining popularity.

In town, the much anticipated Celebrities Christmas Party organised by The Mane happened amid pomp and pageantry but as expected, majority of the people were torn between the ‘Street Silent Disco’ and the ‘Celebrities Party’, with the event at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village bearing the brunt.

Nevertheless, some city celebrities attended the red carpet event hosted by model Judith Heard Kantengwa and Lion Imanzi on the red carpet and Anita Pendo as well as MC Kate Gustave on stage.

From Shady Boo who appeared with her kids to footballer Yannick Mukunzi, the event attracted a number of celebrities while former Urban Boys member Safi ‘Madiba’ Niyibikora, now under The Mane label, entertained the crowd.

From Remera to the Central Business District, hangout spots were filled to the brim as City dwellers enjoyed the Christmas evening.