Riderman to launch ninth album on Christmas

Riderman will launch his album 'Kimirantare' on December 25. / File

Rapper Emery Gatsinzi, commonly known by his stage name, Riderman, is preparing to launch his new album ‘Kimirantare’, slated for December 25.

The end-of-year album launch has become a regular opportunity for the rapper to interact and celebrate  Christmas Day with his fans.


Only five songs from the twelve-song album are out, including Ikinyarwanda, Mambata, Sweetest, Nta Mvura Idahita, and Hey Baby, while the remaining six songs are yet to be released.


The 2019 Salax Award winner in the Hip Hop category revealed to The New Times that he is busy in the studio, racing against the clock to finalize his album and get it ready in time.


“My fans want me to release all of the album’s songs before I launch it because they want to know them beforehand. I am now doing my best to release all of them because I am here to serve my music audience,” he said in an interview.

According to the rapper, the album’s name Kimirantare, reflects how he has been coping with attacks from his enemies who he said have not made his life easy by plotting against him in the past two years.

“There have been so many attacks from many people trying to put me down but I won’t respond to their attacks through words but actions. I believe the best response is actions because words can’t change anything,” he said.

The rapper so far has seven albums and one mixtape ‘Filime’ under his belt since he launched his music career more than a decade ago. They include his maiden album Rutenderi (2008), ‘Impinduramatwara’ (2010), ‘Igicaniro’ (2011), ‘Kwibambura’ (2013), ‘Igikona’ (2014),  ‘Drame’(2015) and ‘Ukuri’ that he launched in 2016. 


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