The return of Kabana Bar, Resto and Pizzeria

Kabana Resto Bar and Pizzeria. / Courtesy photos

The Kacyiru-based bar, resto and pizzeria re-opens its doors to the public this evening, after a nearly six-week hiatus. The event will feature live band entertainment by the Neptunez Band.

For Kigali pizza lovers, the name Kabana needs no introduction, as the establishment has consistently catered to their taste buds for the last two decades. Because of its prime location, sections of the bar’s expatriate clientele refer to it as HQ (Head Quarters) – an after work meeting place.

Kabana opened its doors in 2001, then known as Havana Club. In 2007, a new management took over the facility, reverting to the old name—Kabana. A family owned business, it was one of the very first pizza houses to open in Kigali, at a time when there was only a handful of decent eateries in town.

Although it served an array of other pub treats, Kabana’s true reputation derived from its wood and coal oven-baked pizza, made in full view of clients.

An image showing the old look of Kabana. (Photo: Moses Opobo)

The joint is located in Kacyiru, at the junction of KG 7 and KG 544 avenues, adjacent to the Marasa Umubano Hotel, at the bend that leads to the King Faisal Hospital complex. It is smack in the middle of Kigali’s ambassadorial district along Boulevard de l’Umuganda.

Following recent renovation works on Baho Plaza that houses Kabana, management decided to shut down the facility for sweeping renovations that lasted six weeks.

Previously in its 18-year run, the bar would undertake routine makeovers on its décor every five years, without necessarily closing its doors to revellers.

A new-look Kabana (Photo: Moses Opobo)

The new Kabana now comes with a more spacious feel to its décor, thanks to a slightly raised roof, and clear brick wall interior. The kitchen area is now bigger, while the bar has acquired a new canopy.

However, the coal powered pizza oven smack at the edge of the main seating area retains its old look, with the only addition being the extra-large family pizza that previously was not part of the menu.

The general kitchen still serves up some of the bar’s tried and tested staples like steaks, assorted sauces, burgers, chicken, fish, and Italian fare like lasagne and spaghetti.

Soon to be included on the menu, however, is Congolese food, to be served on one day of the week, according to Yassenee Cleopatra, the managing director. Expect Congolese specials like ugali, salt fish, and chikwangue from the resident chef will also be available.

Management dished out special invites to the bar’s esteemed clients, although the event is open to the public. As a bonus, there will be a welcome cocktail for each guest upon arrival, with half price promotions on liquor bottles.

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