Pacifique Gihozo on her music journey

Gihozo Pacifique (Net photo)

It was only last year when Pacifique Gihozo made her music debut with a casual visit to a music studio. It was then that she recorded for the first time, although the song was a cover of a popular song by one of her favourite artistes.

Gaining confidence after that first studio session, she went on to pen, and later record, her first single, Nd’Uwawe (I’m yours). It was hearing her own voice on this song, and the moderate success the song attained, that convinced the up-and-coming songbird to consider music for a career choice.


Today, she boasts of other songs like Tujyane, Wanyirahira, and the latest, Kwizima, whose audio and video were released simultaneously last week. The Zouk-tinged and radio-friendly ballad has garnered a moderate reception on local FM airwaves, while the video is also racking up views on YouTube.


Gihozo’s musical sound is a blend of R&B, Afrobeat, and Afro pop.


Mid this year, she became the first artiste to be signed to Kikac Music, a new music management label in Kigali.

According to Muhammad Kintu, the managing director of Kikac Music, the label has so far secured the signatures of two artistes, Gihozo and Insha Allah Isra, an urban rapper.

“We had about 12 candidates and she (Gihozo) came first. We did not go through auditions but talked to different people in the industry to make suggestions. We didn’t want auditions because in auditions people come prepared so you may not get the exact thing that you need,” Kintu added.




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