Mani Martin roots for pan-Africanism in new song

Afrobeat and pop singer Mani Martin was recently in Japan on a music tour. /Courtesy.

Rwandan Afro-pop musician Mani Martin  has called for the spirit of togetherness amongst Africans, in his latest single titled, Africa ndota, meaning “The Africa I dream of.”

The 4 minute, and 18 seconds track, urges Africans to embrace their identity, without risking their lives in pursuit for a dream that might never come true. The song also tackles on social, political, and economic struggles, among other themes, that have forced very many Africans to seek for asylum overseas through dangerous means.

The song – Africa ndota, captures the very essence of Pan-Africanism, a subject the singer is passionate about, because it aims to promote and strengthen bonds of solidarity between African. His music is appreciated by many across different age groups and backgrounds for its powerful message.

The 31-year-old singer said Africa ndota is done in memory of the thousands of lives Africa loses every year, as people drown in the seas trying to cross over to Europe in search for better jobs, peace and stability, and a better life.

He noted: “Many young African children have been made to believe that speaking a foreign language is a sign of being smart, and beauty is trying to look like someone else, which is a very wrong mentality that needs to change.”

“It is the right time for our African stories to be told and written by ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to tell us who we are, because we know better who we really are,” he added.

The audio of the song was produced by Mastola, while the video was shot and directed by Bob Chris Rahem. The lyrics of the song are in English, with French subtitles. The video depicts the typical Africa as the world knows it where people engage in farming, children swimming in lakes and bicycles being used as means of transport in the rural areas of many African countries.

The Humura star, born Martin Maniraruta, is arguably is one of the most famous Rwandan contemporary artistes and songwriters of his time.

At a young age, Mani Martin joined the children’s church choir in his birth village of Ntura, in Rusizi District, Western Province, from where he identified music as his source of happiness.

The self-taught musician has released five albums that have added him on the list of recognised artistes on the local and regional music scene. He has several accolades to his name, including Bronze Medal in Jeux De la Francophonie 2013, Salax Award Best Gospel artist 2009, to mention a few. He identifies himself as an ambassador of peace through his music, and performed for the UN mission (UNAMID) peacekeepers in Darfur Sudan in 2012.

The singer is back in town from his recent music tour in Japan, facilitated by NPO Think about Education in Rwanda, an organisation that operates both in Rwanda and Japan. The organisation holds annual peace concerts in the country, which is aimed at promoting love, peace, and unity.

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