Mako Nikoshwa’s fresh plans to rebuild his music legacy

Singer Mako Nikoshwa made a comeback during a concert at White Club on December 1.

On December 1, musician Mako Nikoshwa, real name Joseph Makombe Nikoshwa, was seen at White Club’s stage performing for his fans again in a concert dubbed ‘Mako Nikoshwa Comeback Concert’ during which he announced a comeback to the music scene after a long spell of health struggles he endured over the past five years.

In an interview with Sunday Magazine’s Eddie Nsabimana, the singer reflects on his long-spell out of music, his comeback and his career.


How did it feel like performing again after a long time battling health challenges?


Words cannot explain enough how happy and excited I was feeling while performing before my fans once again. It was a really good moment that I had waited for in a long time. It was really priceless!


My fans were happy to see me performing again but I was the happier one when I had a microphone on stage. I was really happy because they showed me love like they did when I was in the hospital.

Now I need time to put all my ideas together and show people a new version of me.

How was it like spending such a long time out of music?

In 2014, my health condition was seriously in danger and I was out of the music scene until 2017. Some people have been wondering whether I can rediscover my music potential but I am very confident that I can do so.

I am now strong and ready to deliver good vibes and good performances like I did before [I got sick]. I am physically fit and I know what I want to do.

What’s the best moment in your music career that you miss the most?

My best moment was becoming the solo artiste to perform at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2007 corporate event at Lugogo Oval Ground in Uganda. 

That was the time I realized that my music talent had a great potential given that I was considered to perform at that VIP event while there were so many big artistes in Uganda who wanted that chance to perform but were overlooked.

Very few Rwandans knew my songs by that time, and so did Ugandans, but that did not halt my chance to get invited to perform at such an event.

Which concert in Rwanda do you consider the most successful that you performed at?

It is a performance that I did back in 2006 alongside singers Juliana, Mr Blue, Michael Ross, Vampos and some other Rwandan artistes. That time I was doing my music in Uganda but I was so surprised that a big number of Rwandans already knew each of my songs, word by word and realized that my music was so popular in Rwanda than East African artistes who we shared the stage.

That time, Rwandan music was in a period of transition where Rwandans could pay for a concert only when a foreign artiste came to Rwanda. But I was really impressed because I outperformed them. I really miss that moment!

What project do you have in store now?

Looking forward, I have a tour in Eastern Province, to show my fans that I am the Mako they used to know. I will have six performances from December 24 until early next year.

I am also organizing a performance on Valentine’s Day 2020 but I will reveal more details soon.

I have also returned to the studio to record more songs. In general, I will have a busy year in 2020 to prove to Rwandans that I am still capable of doing music.

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