Local celebrities join fight against COVID-19

A number of Rwandan celebrities have joined efforts to contribute to the government’s ongoing awareness campaign to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic.


The awareness campaign is an initiative by the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC).


As part of the campaign, celebrities record short videos sharing messages regarding how people should behave and conduct themselves during this period to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.


Yvan Buravan is an artiste and Prix de Couvertes RFI 2018. Courtesy.

Among celebrities who joined the awareness campaign include artistes Bruce Melodie, Yvan Buravan, radio personalities Sandrine Isheja Butera and Arthur Nkusi, who is also a comedian.

Their messages vary from encouraging the general public to stay home and stay safe, washing hands, parenting tips for parents to care for children during the lockdown, messages encouraging people to avoid panic, among other things.

Yvan Buravan, one of the celebrities participating in the awareness campaign, told The New Times that he felt the need to join the awareness campaign against COVID-19 because he believes artistes have an influential role to play in encouraging people to join hands with the government in fighting the novel coronavirus.

“I believe we have the means and power to influence people who love us. Our voice can reach many people and we hope people will take our messages seriously because we are in period where everyone needs to be responsible for their safety from Coronavirus,”

 “It is our responsibility to use our influence towards impacting people positively but it shouldn’t stop there. People need to show responsibility and put the message into action,” the singer said in a telephone interview.

He urged his fans and the public in general to stay home until the stipulated period ends, as well as wait for more government directives on what to do next to further avert the spread of the virus, which has so far been detected in 40 people.

Several other artists, including Jay Polly, Mani Martina and others, have also joined forces to sing a song against Coronavirus that is set to be released.

Elsewhere in the region, Ugandan singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine has also released a song featuring his sidekick Nubian Li sensitising masses against the virus.


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