Kigali vibrates with poetry today

Local poets perform at one of the editions. Courtesy.

Poetry enthusiasts will today, October 27, converge at One Love Heritage, as the Kigali Vibrates with Poetry returns after one year break.

Mustapha Kayitare, one of the organisers,  said that the quarterly event was suspended due to lack of funds.

“Kigali Vibrates with Poetry is returning after a break, which we never wished to have but  did due to a number of reasons the major one being lack of funds to organise the event,” he said.

Founded in April 2015, with the first event being held January 30, 2016, the event brings together poets who present before a jury that selects the top three who are eventually rewarded.

According to Kayitare, the event will see 13 finalists tussle it out before a jury to get the top three.

“On Saturday, we shall have Bahati Moussa, Modest Nsanzabaganwa, Amin Muhoza, director of Kinyarwanda language at RALC, and a team of Kenyan poets as the judges. These will select top three among finalists in both Kinyarwanda and English who will be rewarded with Nyirarumaga trophies,” he said.  “The thirteen were selected them from various poets who submitted their poems. We selected basing on poetic value and Topic or content,” he added.

Kayitare said that at the Saturday event they are partnering Transpoesis Label, Goethe Institute Suisse Cooperation and RALC.

“One of our partners transpoesis label will launch 3 videos produced by directed by Mugenzi Balinda. The partners have played a big role in the organisation and return of this event,” he noted.