Kigali music exhibition week on

Revellers visit stalls during the Kigali Music Exhibition Week at Kigali Car-Free Zone. /Courtesy photos.

Different artistesgovernment officials and the general public, on Tuesday, gathered for a week-long music exhibition dubbed: “Kigali Music Exhibition Week”, which started on July 23, at Kigali Car-Free Zone.

The five-day exhibition is organised by U&I Ark, a local organisation, that empowers and supports aspiring artistes to develop their talent, and to showcase the history of Rwandan music to the public.

Patrick Habarugira, the president of U&I Ark, that organised the event, told The New Times that the exhibition is not only aimed at preserving the heritage of Rwandan music, but to also contribute to the promotion of the cultural tourism.

traditional musical instruments on display. 

“Most people hardly know where Rwandan music has come from, and how it has evolved, because there are no conservation platforms for our music. So, through our initiative, we shall ensure that people who visit Rwanda can find a place where they can learn about the history of our music,” said Habarugira.

The exhibition provides an extensive public programme, with activities like, showcasing traditional dance costumes, musical instruments, photo frames of music icons, screenings of music of the 1970-90s, and live street performances, among other activities.

pictures frames of Rwandan artistes

“The festival is an amazing way to form strong platform of which we showcase Rwandan musical performances to the public. With a focus on rejuvenating the spirit of our music, this platform will work with a wide range of local artistes, to bring awareness to our heritage,” said Habarugira.

He noted that local artistes will benefit from the initiative, because the exhibition will ensure their music is well conserved, and will be given financial support to boost their music.

To support the initiative, the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR), reserved a free exhibition space for U&I Ark at the Rwanda Art Museum in Kanombe, where people can visit, and learn about Rwandan music and the artistes.

“Most countries have such museums, and halls of fame for their legends, and that is what we wish to achieve,” he added.

The music exhibition ends on Friday, July 26.