Ibihame by’Imana gear up for maiden concert

Ibihame by’Imana during a performance at a past event. The group is based in Kigali and consists of dancers, singers and drummers. / Courtesy photos

It’s finally here! Ibihame by’Imana, an all-male cultural troupe, is all set for their long-awaited debut concert scheduled to take place on December 15, at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (former Camp Kigali- Akagera hall).

The concert will be held under the theme; Intango kanywabahizi.


Ibihame by’Imana was founded in 2013, by Aimable Bahizi, Olivier Burigo and Emery Igihangange, who were famed dancers from Indahemuka and Imena troupes back in the ‘90s.


The initiative came from their observation that Rwandan traditional dance was being diluted, and somewhat replaced by western dance genres. They then decided to form an all-boy dance troupe that would be a replica of Indashyikirwa, a royal dance troupe in Rwandan history.


Edmond Cyogere, the troupe’s finance manager and dancer, explained that their submission to God is why they have Him in their name. Ibihame by’Imana consists of 30 individuals; 22 dancers, and eight vocalists. He said they have started to train women, and intend to recruit them in the future.

Intango kanywabahizi

Intango is a special pot containing a fermented drink that was given to people who excelled in their performance contracts, best known as Imihigo. Imihigo is a common practice in Rwanda that seeks to promote decentralisation of governance and fast-tracking of development efforts. Also, Intango would be partaken by Intwarane (great heroes), who have performed exceptionally, especially in war.

The concert will revolve around a play portraying how performance contracts were set, achieved and celebrated. There will also be a glimpse of how Itorero, where young men used to train militarily, was.

Speaking in an interview with The New Times, Cyogere said people should be prepared for a memorable night.

“People should expect to see the best Intore dancers in Rwanda, for instance, many of our dancers are part of the national troupe. We have been training for six years, for something really big.”

Cyogere said they want to make their maiden concert extra-ordinary and that people should be looking forward to the best.

“We urge people to attend in big numbers, and witness how unique and beautiful our culture is.”

Expected to start at 5pm, the show has an entry fee of Rwf5000 (regular), Rwf10, 000 (VIP), and Rwf150, 000 (table of 10).


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