“I write to transform souls” - Mutabazi

Apostle Mutabazi Kabarira is the head of WISDOM CITY- Kingdom Diplomats. He is an author, public speaker, leadership consultant, and entrepreneur. / Photo: Joan Mbabazi.

When God calls someone into ministry, He surely offers them the tools and the ability to execute His work. Apostle Mutabazi Kabarira, whose pen names are Donoka Wells, has witnessed this.

Kabarira has taken on a number of professions. Besides preaching the gospel, he is a public speaker, leadership consultant, entrepreneur and author who has written books on Christianity, self-development, leadership, economics and politics, among other subjects.


“I write philosophically, critically, and positively. I challenge the way we think and research principles of success in life. I create an atmosphere of success socially, politically, and economically by using Biblical wisdom. If someone asks me who I am, I always respond, ‘A Leadership Strategy Analyst’,” Kabarira says of his writing skills. 


Although he wasn’t into writing in the beginning, Kabarira says that while preaching the gospel on the streets and markets of Kigali as well as on television, radio stations and traveling across East Africa, serving God in 2010, he got a calling.


He says that God ‘spoke to him’ four years later, about a message that He wanted him to share with the world, he claims.

He further says that the message that God shared with him in 2014 through dreams, confirmed by His voice, which he says he heard, was about “The possibility of righteousness.” Plaintively, since he lacked the money to move from one place to another, spreading righteousness, he decided to instead put the message into writing.

“My first book was written with a pen and borrowed papers, it had 716 pages and was written in 13 months. I lacked the laptop and the money to print. The book is titled “Mbese Gukiranuka Birashoboka Wambaye Umubiri?”

Kabarira noted that it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish as many people mocked him that he won’t be able to complete a book. Surprisingly, he proved them wrong. Although it took him a long time, he accomplished the mission. He launched the book at Classic Hotel, Kigali.

After writing his first book, the poet was empowered to keep writing to spread the word of God and inform the masses about the day to day issues, using the knowledge of the Bible. Today, writing has emerged as his passion.

He was mostly known nationally when he published his second book, dubbed, “Nshaka Gukiranuka kandi nshaka gukira” which got a lot of readerships. Ever since then, he never looked back.

He has since written many books, both in Kinyarwanda and English. Some of his books include, “African poverty is a choice”, “The code of success”, “The shortcut to the promised land”, “True leadership master key”, “Corruption antidote”, “Make Africa great again”, “Man made democracy and democracy made man mad”, among others.

 The evangelist heads a Kacyiru- based church known as WISDOM CITY-Kingdom Diplomats where he ministers and carries on God’s work.

The former construction Engineer believes that there is power in writing. To him, “a day without writing is a wasted one.” He has mentored many writers.

Kabarira is currently writing two books, named, “From Prison to Prince: Principles of Effective Crisis Management” and “When Politics Fails: What to do when the administration fails to deliver.”


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