How our celebs are spending their festive season

It is that time of the year when celebrities around the world go out of their way to make the most of the festive season. Rwandan celebrities to, were not left out of the celebrations, with a number of them planning activities to mark the festive season in style. From the music industry, film, to sports, the stars are enjoying themselves in the best way they can. To some, it’s a busy period, which comes with gigs throughout the holidays, while for others life goes on as usual.

The New Times’ Eddie Nsabimana caught up with some renowned local stars, and here is how they are celebrating the festive season:

Aline Gahongayire, Gospel artiste

As Christians, I spent Christmas with my family and friends. Also, I performed at Ubumwe Grande Hotel on Christmas Eve, where I shared lunch with needy children….something I love doing during the festive season.

However, as we continue to celebrate the holidays, we should remember that there many people in our communities who are hungry and sick. We all have much to be thankful about, because God has made it possible for us to be alive, so let’s put a smile on those who are depressed. That’s what makes Christmas and the holiday period more meaningful.


Jeannette Bahavu Usanase, actress (City Maid)

 For me, the holidays are an opportunity to create memorable moments with my family and friends, by creating fun activities, and hanging out together.

These days, people are very busy and hardly make time for one another. So, we’ve to utilise the festive season and reunite with family members and friends. Besides that, I’m working at my fashion house. This season I received many orders from my clients and I’ve to deliver on time.


DJ Toxxyk, born Arnold Shema.

I’m just having fun. On Christmas, I went out with my family at Bambino Super City in Kabuga, and we spent the whole day together. I played with my little nieces and nephews… and that was one of my great moments!

But now, it’s time to work! As a DJ, I sleep during the day, and perform at night until dawn. And with music, I’ve to select the right songs that will put the crowd into the festive mood. 


Bruce Melodie, artiste

My holidays don’t happen during the festive season, because that’s when I’m booked to perform at different events. My family has already got used to my busy work schedule [during the festive season], but I’ll definitely arrange and take them out, or organise something after.

This festive season, I am thankful for God’s grace, my family, fans and our country.

I wish all Rwandans and my fans a Happy New Year!


Social Mula, artiste

Festive seasons are all about having fun; eating, drinking and partying hard. It is also an occasion when we do a family reunion, and also celebrate together with my friends and fans what I achieved as an artiste this year.


Olivier Ntagengwa, REG Volleyball player

Of course, the first thing is to celebrate that Jesus Christ was born to liberate us from our captivity to sin. I’m also thankful to God for the greatest gift of life and good health.

I’m working, but I intend to join my family, or invite them to my house for a feast. I’ll see what I can do, but we’ve to meet before the end of the holidays.