How ‘cool’ dance moves made a kid from Kirehe a global trend

Tyrese Gibson is well known for his actor role as Roman Pearce in the The Fast and Furious movie franchise. / Net

What started as a mere video of a local Rwandan boy dancing to “Kungola” by artistes Sunny and Bruce Melody, has gone viral, with popular American rapper and actor Tyrese Gibson, who has a total of 11.3 million followers, took to Instagram and used the video.

In the video, Tyrese Gibson used a different beat and put a message for his fans calling them to go watch his television station.


Bonane Joseph is a five-year-old and lives with his mother and siblings in Kirehe District, Rwanda. He says that he is not only good at dancing the famous ‘gwara gwara and shaku shaku’ dances, but also enjoys singing.


Bonane Joseph dancing to ‘Kungola’ by Bruce Melody ft Sunny.

Despite being in such a necessitous life, with only a mother, after having been abandoned by their father at the age of three, Bonane says that he is a happy soul, who enjoys playing soccer in the village, as well as dancing and entertaining people.

“I was abandoned by my husband three years ago, and since then, life has really been hard, but I am very hopeful that the Lord will answer my prayers one day. I feel hurt by the fact that I can’t provide for my children the way I desire,’’ Bonane’s mother said.

In such cases, some people including celebrities usually come out to help such unique talent, and Rwandan R&B singer Bruce Melody has come out to say that he is looking for this child to support him.

In an interview with The New Times, Bruce Melody acknowledged that he had seen the video, and it warmed his heart, but since he has been busy for the past couple of days, he has not been able to meet Bonane.

“I saw the video, but I have been so busy and I’m going to look for him and make sure that I pay for his school fees, because  education is what he needs most at this point in his life,’’ said the “Katerina” hitmaker on Wednesday.

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