Hit Alert: New love Rwandan songs to look out for

Knowless Butera. Courtesy photo.

The theme of love continued to dominate in some of the latest song releases by top Rwandan artistes in the last two weeks.

With the exception of Knowless Butera’s ‘Yuda’, most of the other releases are filled with lines and words of endearment and love.


R&B crooner Kitoko’s ‘Rurabo’, released officially on September 26, is one such song. Produced by Madebeat, the love charged song talks about love for a girl that is as beautiful as a flower, and had its video clip shot in London.


Video producer Akpy does justice to the song’s video clip, with clear, wide shots, and no clutter: It is just Kitoko and the woman he sings about. Though shot in London, the video producer resists the temptation to take viewers on a tour of the city, to instead concentrate all attention on the singer and his subject.


‘Adi Top’ by Meddie

The audio is a Pastor P production, while the video was handled by Meddy Saleh, just like most of the other new releases.

The song’s refrain is an exhortation to nonstop partying –from Miami to Mombasa to Kigali. “Let’s move from Miami, light up Mombasa, then retire to Kigali …” Meddy sings in Kinyarwanda.

A little more groovy and danceable than Meddy’s usually smooth R&B repertoire, ‘Adi Top’s audio was complimented by the Carribbean/fiesta feel to its video, which features some sleek dance choreography and lots of beautiful girls. Once again, Meddy’s well known affinity for classy and glossy videos is on display.


‘Yuda’ by Knowless Butera

The song opens with ad libs by Knowless Butera: “Keep on hating I don’t care. If you fight you’ll need a prayer. If you’re cool I may be fair.” That sets the tone for the song, one of those joints that a singer dedicates to the “haters”.

In ‘Yuda’, Knowless takes a break from her favorite theme of love, to sing about life.

A foreword about the song on the singer’s Youtube channel further reinforces the message therein:

“Negativity and success occupy the same spot in one’s brain, don’t let negativity steal that spot,” Knowless writes.

Shot by Meddy Saleh, the video deflects attention from the singer, whose face is hardly shown in the video. The colour red is used abundantly in the video to augment the song’s theme. The audio was produced by Clement of Kina Music.


‘Ma Vie’ by Social Mula

This Afro-pop joint was produced at Monster Records in Kigali, and the audio by Fayzo Pro. The title aside, the song is sung purely in Kinyarwanda.

The video features swimming pool scenes, intimate night time shots, and Social Mula playing the organ. These are interspersed with aerial shots of middle class suburban Kigali.



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