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Gospel singer Liza Kamikazi wants to convert as many people as possible

Gospel singer Liza Kamikazi at a past show. Photo: Courtesy

Gospel artiste, Liza Kamikazi who recently intensified her missionary work, preaching the gospel through music, says that her mission is to convert as many people as possible, by testifying that God is real.

The ‘Yesu Wanjye’ singer, who recently released her latest song— ‘Hunga Udapfa’, said while appearing on the RTV English News as the Guest Anchor, that though she had been God-fearing all her life, she had never put God first. Kamikazi’s latest track features rapper Bulldog, who also received Jesus Christ as his personal survivor.


“All my life I have always believed in God, but I’ve never got to the point where I put Him first. So, I’ve always prayed. I’ve been a Christian all my life. I have always prayed and God has answered many of my prayers,”


“But it was in 2014, when I decided to get serious with God and I wanted to know more about Him, and I spent more time in prayer and reading His word and on that journey. I started digging much more into His word. I started really getting closer to Him in a way that was different from before,” Kamikazi recalls.


Though she became a born-again Christian in 2014, she recalls that she took long to fully transition from doing secular music to gospel, until one day when she was in a prayer moment that she got God’s vision telling her to surrender even her music and do the type of music that glorifies Him.

The mother of three children says that she has been able to focus her music on spreading the gospel and using her voice to change as many people as possible.

She says that juggling family duties and music hasn’t been easy for her, but she has a strong support system in her family, especially her husband, who is also a musician.

Kamikazi, real name Solange Umuhire, says that though she studied Journalism and Communication, she is yet to put her skills to use but hopes at some point she can become a televangelist.

“I think I could still do some journalism, you know, especially on Christian television. Yeah, it’s something I’m really thinking about and working on,” she said adding, however, that it would be even better if she became a televangelist to preach the gospel and tell people that Jesus is real.

“I want to tell people that Heaven is for real and I would like to take as many people as I can to Heaven because it’s not fair to just go on my own. So that’s what I would like to do,” Kamikazi responds when asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t doing music.

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