Gahongayire on inspiration behind latest songs

A few days after it was released on YouTube, “Nzakomeza”, Aline Gahongayire’s latest single, has already garnered more than 36,465 views.


The song, however, is not the first to attract attention from gospel lovers, as her previous songs, “Ndanyuzwe” and “Ntabanga”, are some of the songs hitting air waves today.


“I read the Bible a lot and I try to put God in every aspect of my life, which is where I derive my inspiration, so my songs help people worship God. From recovering from a serious illness that nearly took my life at the beginning of this year, to the daily challenges that I face individually, I always get a message from every situation,” the singer explains.


Her track “Ntabanga”, she goes on, was a message that people ought to have a personal relationship with God, while “Ndanyuzwe” is a thanksgiving song.

“I just wanted to remind people that their secrets are safe with God, who doesn’t judge. This was my way of telling people to have normal conversations with God and ease up life.

“In “Ndanyuzwe”, I’m full of praise and admiration for what God has done despite what is going on around me, and this should be a prayer for every believer,” she says.

“Nzakomeza”, however, was inspired by the year 2020, and the unforeseen challenges that the world is facing right now. This is also portrayed in her video.

“When we heard about Vision 2020, we were all excited for this year, but we didn’t get what we expected. Seeing protests in the U.S because of injustices, and the pandemic, shows us that we need God even more and a reign of peace and that is the message I was trying to put across. In every situation, as believers, we have to keep trusting God who has better plans for us.

“Even the challenges of lockdown and all plans cancelled, I kept telling myself no matter what, I have to trust God instead of being afraid. There are still scares in the world, when we watch the news, and I wanted people to put their trust in God. With the help of my producer Clement of Kina Music, we wrote the song to encourage others,” she adds.

Future plans

The singer explains that her latest songs are part of the six-track album she is working on titled, “Ndayunzwe”. She is also planning on a live YouTube concert to entertain her fans.

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