Fashion and fun at Old School Party

Partygoers at the Old School Party at The Mirror Hotel last Friday. Photos by E. Nsabimana.

It is not so often that you will see partygoers in Rwanda swapping their modern designs for old school, classic outfits. That is what happened exactly last Friday at The Mirror Hotel poolside “Old School Party”.

It was a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s as party lovers pulled off their best classic look during the party which attracted more participants than anticipated –considering that it is the first time the old school-themed party was being held.


The Majority of the party goers turned up on the red carpet dressed in old school outfits with most of them trying to pull off their best look.


What made the event more colourful was the photo session where partygoers had a chance to pose for photos with their favourite celebrities who included musicians, actors and actresses.


Revellers who were best dressed were rewarded with prizes to travel to different places of attractions, while others were rewarded with massage services at The Mirror Hotel.

However, some of the patrons seemed not to understand the theme of the event, turning up in ordinary outfits.

According to the organisers, the general idea of the event is built around bringing old school lifestyle to the current generations through music, fashion, food and drinks that were in the ‘thing’ in the 80s and 90s.

The old school themed parties are also aimed at helping adults rewind back to their best times two or three decades.

The DJ played only old school music from local and international artistes until the end of the party, to the excitement of the revellers.

Former National Itorero Commission Chairperson Boniface Rucagu, musician Mani Martin and Tha Mane music label artistes and manager were among those in attendance as well as personalities in theshowbiz industry.

Revellers also had the opportunity to request a song from their favourite artistes –local or international from back in the day while others were able to sing.

On the menu, there was a traditional food buffet and traditional drinks, especially banana beer, locally known as Urwagwa, for old times’ sake.

A group of actors and actresses were invited on stage to entertain people through theatre, but sound interruptions rarely made it less interesting for revellers.

Assia Mutoni, the event organiser, told The New Times that, given how people fell in love with the event, more Old School parties will be organised.

She said the event will be taking place once in three months.

“I am very excited that people enjoyed the party, which for me was a test to see how people would welcome it.”

“The way people enjoyed it has gone beyond my expectations. We want to do better in the next editions now that I got to know where to improve and include more things to spice up the parties,” she said.

She said the old school-themed party is all about celebrating the lifestyle of the past.



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