Expect relatable music - Singer Kaya on her maiden EP

Calene Ingabire, aka is the new kid on the block. Photos: Courtesy

Calene Ingabire, over the weekend on October 9, released her debut EP (extended play) ‘Nyabyinshi’, which loosely translates to “one who owns many”, across all her digital platforms.

Also known as Kaya, the Communications graduate has set her eyes on the music industry.


“The name of my EP, ‘Nyabyinshi’ is inspired by the story of a legendary ancient Rwandan Queen, Nyabyinshi, also known as Nyabingi,” Kaya said.


She further added that: “One of the things that the queen was known for was possessing a lot of things and sharing it with the people around her. I also believe that I am talented in many artistic ways in which people can find relief, fun, and peace of mind.”


‘Nyabyinshi’ is a diverse musical style and was produced by Dr Nganji of Green Ferry Music.

The songs explore love for oneself and relationships.

The solo project that follows on from years of building her skill set as a live singer, performer, creative writer, and creating cover songs, Kaya ropes in fellow Rwandan Kinyatrap stars Bushali and Icenova.

With Ibyejo, the song that she features

Bushali, the artistes call on people to live “living life” to its fullest.

“Do not take any second/minute of your time for granted, because we are not promised tomorrow,” Kaya reiterates the message.

The outspoken up and coming artiste, Kaya, says music is an effective tool of communication.

In fact, she was recently funded by Goethe-Institute Kigali, to create a short video project addressing racism, bias and stigma as the main problems that the society faces and showing her take on that.

“I believe that people will listen to music that is relatable with their everyday life experience.

I see a deep connection between music and communication, because music creates space for expression which relates to marketing campaigns.”

Kaya started singing as a child in church and later on ventured into the music scene in 2017 when she recorded her first cover song.

She continued to explore her love for music after joining Southern New Hampshire University via Kepler programme, where she joined the school band and developed her skills as well as using their music for worthy causes by fundraising funds for causes they believed in.

She is now self-teaching and mastering the art of playing Ukulele an instrument she picked up nearly three months ago after she was gifted by a friend.

Her EP is a medium she hopes can encourage people to lead an authentic life, paying attention to the important things in life, and also learning to appreciate what life has to offer.


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