DJs impress at Prime Saturdays

It was just another dancing night as Prime Saturdays returned for its second edition over the weekend, featuring one of Kenya’s best disc spinners Joe Mfalme. 

The last time the theme night happened in December last year, it was another Kenyan DJ Crème that headlined the event.

The night typically features a DJ set that pits a local DJ unit alongside a regional act. 

The show had been scheduled to kick off at 9p.m, but there was a slight delay as another set of guests concluded an event at the venue, the JJ Club at Park Inn in Kiyovu.

Guests later walked in and were welcomed by back-to-back mixes from DJs Berto and Herbz, from Nep DJs. Nep DJs is one of the newest DJ units in Kigali, and is a part of the Neptunez Band.

Entry was free of charge for early birds that made it to the venue before midnight, but show goers took their time, with many arriving past midnight and forking out Rwf5,000 at the entrance.

The two DJs kept the crowd busy enough as they waited for the day’s crowning act.

Mfalme arrived in the house after midnight and spent the first few minutes taking selfies with fans.

However, when he eventually got down to work, it was not a smooth transition from the Nep DJs and revelers had to wait for a long while as the DJ fixed his sound. 

Then it was party till the wee hours of the morning as the Kenyan DJ proved why he is a regional household name when it comes to spinning the wheels of steels.


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