Daymakers electrify comedy lovers with ‘Bigomba Guhinduka’

The main acts of the show Japhet and 5K Etienne (left), belt out some of their jokes at the Kigali Cultural Village last weekend. Courtesy photos.

Their short videos have been making rounds on social media for the last few months, with the catchword ‘Bigomba Guhinduka’ making the duo of Etienne 5k and Japheth popular among up and coming comedians but selling out on their first event is something they didn’t anticipate.

But Saturday evening turned out to be one of fun and giggles as the duo, who are members of Daymakers Edutainment, a local comedy group that seeks to use comedy to tackle society issues, pulled off a sold out show dubbed, ‘Bigomba Guhinduka’ at Kigali Cultural Village.

The show was a success. This is part of the crowd that turned up on Saturday evening for the comedy show.

The phrase which loosely translates to “it ought to change” tackles known events in the Rwandan society and comes up with a comical way of how things should be done instead. The outcome usually leaves those watching in stitches.

The show was hosted by renowned comedian Clapton Kibonke, real names Emmanuel Mugisha, who is behind the comedy outfit and it was graced by a number of other comedians, showbiz personalities including former Miss Rwanda contestant Josiane Mwiseneza who got a raucous applause on arrival.

The audience could not hide its excitement throughout the show.

The show kicked off a few minutes past 5pm and by 7pm, organisers had to bring in more chairs as more people arrived at the venue. By 9pm, all tickets were sold out and no more people were allowed to enter.

A variety of comedians, both established like Comedy Knight’s Babou and upcoming ones including Joshua, Spencer and Milly Toussaint had their chance on stage and managed to send the audience into giggles with numerous jokes.

Burundian troupe of drummers, Inkindi Itatse Intwari, also took turns on the stage with comedians to the audience with their electrifying dance moves and impressive drumming skills.

Inkindi Itatse Intwari cultural troupe from Burundi also entertained the crowd with their electrifying dance moves and drumming skills.

The comedians tackled issues around culture, human behaviour and other society practices which ought to change, either because they are segregative, backward and no longer applicable in this day and age.

But mostly, the issues touched are not necessarily big issues but rather practices that turn out to be funny. In one of the skits presented by Joshua, he stated how old people especially ladies can ask you how everyone at home is for over ten times in one sitting.

Popular comedian Ndimbati (wearing a cap) also attended the event, but this time as part of the audience.

"You go visit an old lady and after greeting you she asks you how your father, mother, and relatives are. You'll answer that and the moment you enter the house, she will again ask you the very questions and she will keep asking those questions as the conversation goes on," he joked as the crowd went into a frenzy.

The main act of the night, the duo of Japhet and Etienne 5k came onto stage and the crowd couldn't hide their excitement as they welcomed them with a thunderous applause.

They duo, clad in black casual outfits and which shoes did what they do best, cracking a numerous jokes mainly touching the showbiz industry and society.

But it was U.S-based Rwandan artistes including The Ben, Meddy, Priscillah and others who bore the brunt of the young comedians who joked that when the musicians relocated to North America, it had been thought that they would do big collaboration with American artistes but they ended up doing collaborations amongst themselves, with the help of producer Lick Lick

"Imagine The Ben, Meddy and famous producer Lick Lick Production all went to the USA. We all thought they would make music with American artists but they both have hit songs with fellow Rwandan artists all produced by a fellow Rwandan producer. Why didn't they stay here and do it from here?" they wondered.

The show ended at around 10pm with the host Clapton thanking members of the audience for supporting young talent.

"We thank God that we have been able to do a sold out show despite lack of sponsorship. I also want to apologise to all people that came and were denied access to the venue since it was filled up but we promise to do the show from a bigger venue next time," he noted.

Clapton Kibonge also stated that the comedy show will be held after every three months with the next one likely to be in July and one grand show dubbed, "Life is funny", which will be held in December.

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