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Davis D gears up for ‘Afro Killa’ launch

Afrobeat singer Davis D (pictured), whose real name is Davis Icyishaka, is closer to completing his debut album, which he expects to launch soon when the country is declared new coronavirus-free.

 Dubbed ‘Afro Killa’, the 25-track album is, according to the 27-year-old singer, a compilation of all songs that he has released since he launched his music career in 2014. He added that the album is a culmination of years of support that he has received from his fans.


The singer, who has been treating his fans to great music, recently dropped the hit single, ‘Ifarasi’ and it has been one impressive journey with the singer. 


He told The New Times that he will launch his debut album as soon as public gatherings and concerts are allowed to resume “because I don’t plan to do a virtual performance.”


 “My album deserves a concert and I want to celebrate this milestone with my people…my fans, everyone who loves my music. I have so many people who have been supporting me through my music journey and I believe that an album launch is all that they deserve,” he said in an interview.

“I am ready to launch the album when the coronavirus pandemic ends because the songs are ready,” added the singer, who compares having an album as ‘giving birth to a baby’.

“There are songs which mean a lot to me through my music journey. ‘Biryogo’, for instance, made so many people know the artiste I was when I started my career. It really changed my life because it became a hit for a long time and gave me a platform to shine,” he explained.

Described as one of the most gifted artistes in Rwanda, Davis D, whose gradual rise to fame started in 2018, but gained massive recognition in the year 2019 with controversial songs like ‘Dede’ enjoying massive airplay across the country.

“As an artiste who has got some experience following a number of performances at big concerts, I finally found, in ‘Dede’, another song which is way better than ‘Biryogo’, becoming my first song to ever hit a million of YouTube views,” he further explained.

Finally, the singer tipped ‘Micro’, which took everyone by surprise with its powerful depth, delicious rhythm and amazing tempo. 

‘Afro Killa’ will comprise so many popular songs on the list, but the singer said his three songs namely; ‘Biryogo’, ‘Dede’ and ‘Micro’, have defined his career so far.

 Davis D’s music has increasingly earned admiration from music fans over the years and the quality of his videos are ranked among the best not only in Rwanda but also in the region.

It deservedly earned him nominations for the Salax Awards and a chance to compete in Primus Guma Guma Superstar Season 7 and performances at big concerts in recent years.

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