Comedians unveil new series to improve remote learning

Rwandan comedian, Japhet Mazimpaka and Etienne (5K) Iryamukuru, have released the first episode of their new series dubbed, “Classroom”, expected to tackle remote learning challenges.

The duo is locally known as “Bigomba Guhinduka”- a Kinyarwanda word, loosely translated as “it has to change”, which they always highlight in their humorous short videos that speak about things that have to change in the society but in a comical way.


Their new series come at a time schools remain closed since March this year, as part of the measures to contain the spread of new coronavirus. They are expected to reopen in September, if the virus has subsided.


In bid to help children maintain the studying discipline, the Government has introduced radio and television study programs.


However, according to Mazimpaka, students, especially those in remote areas, still face challenges in learning that need to be tackled.

“The Government’s initiative is good, but students in remote villages face challenges of excess home chores, shortage of resources like radios to list but a few,” he told The New Times over the weekend.

Mazimpaka went to say that the first episodes of “Classroom” will reveal all these challenges and later provide solutions, which will all go hand in hand with funny scenes to help maintain the hilarious mood.

Among the solutions provided, says Mazimpaka, include showing parents and children how to balance home chores and studies, and even appropriately share the few resources they have.

On this note, Mazimpaka emphasised that they expect that “Classroom” will help all concerned parties to make changes that will help students benefit from the study-from-home directive.

The series will be released on a weekly basis on ‘Bigomba Guhinduka’ YouTube channel, and will run till September this year when students are expected to return to school.

In addition to Japhet and 5k, there are new up and coming personalities expected to act in the new series.

Japhet Mazimpaka and Etienne 5K (right) are popularly known in a local drama, Bigomba Guhinduka. / Courtesy

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