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Can Platini keep going without Dream Boys?

Singer Platini Nemeye. / Courtesy.

In February, Dream Boys’ Claude Mujyanama, commonly known as TMC, left the country to continue his studies in the United States, leaving his counterpart Platini Nemeye with no choice but to kick off a solo career.

TMC’s departure marked the duo’s split after a decade-long journey as brothers in music.


A big number of music fans started to say that Platini would struggle to do music on his own without TMC, the other half of Dream Boys, who many considered the vocal maestro in the group.


Platini, however, showed that he was prepared to go solo even before TMC left for the United States. He has been working hard to mould his own music career and is currently doing tours to promote his own songs, including his brand-new song, ‘Veronika’, released on June 7.


According to the singer, the song talks about a girl who abandons her boyfriend for a wealthier man, but later regrets why she left her boyfriend in pursuit for material things.

Recorded by Davydenko and directed by Bernard Bagenzi, the song officially opened Platini’s new music chapter as an artist who no longer belongs to a group.

“This is my very first time to do a song alone. I would either record songs with TMC or do collaborations with other artists such as Nel Ngabo.  This marks my new journey, which is a new experience in my music career as I am trying to cope with the situation and carry on,” Platini told The New Times in an interview.

Platini launching a solo career means that Dream Boys is the latest music group to part ways, following in the footsteps of Urban Boys, Tuff Gang, Two 4 Real, Just Family, TNP, TBB, Holy Jah Doves, among others, which have fallen apart. They stood the test of time but the year 2020 seemed to be the year for it to happen.

The singer admitted he will miss TMC with whom they achieved a lot in music, including winning Primus Guma Guma Super Star and the Salax Awards among other achievements.

“I will miss the vibe we had together, exchanging music ideas while recording songs in the studio and the energy on stage while performing for our fans. Of course, the environment has changed but I need to move on,” he said.

Whether TMC comes back or not, Platini insists his focus is now on doing music alone because he is already thought about the future alone.

“I already have new ambitions for my career as a solo singer. What I am looking forward to is my own music, not somebody else’s music”

He also revealed that his music, from the messages and the beats, will be totally different from the signature Dream Boys’ style in order to go with the current creative market.

“I will be doing music depending on what the audience wants to hear,” he says.

Still under Kina Music management?

Dream Boys have been doing music under Kina Music record label management, owned by Producer Clement Ishimwe, since 2013.

 But since TMC quit the house, there has been speculation as to whether Platini will stay under Kina Music or choose to move on elsewhere.

The Dream Boys’ contract with the label has since been termi-nated but Platini confirmed that he and Kina Music are still on good terms to do business.

“I am still under Kina Music management. What changed is the name because the label had a contract with Dream Boys. We only changed the name,” he said.

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