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Buravan on his new single ‘Low key’

Yvan Buravan at his residence in Kabeza. Photo by Olivier Mugwiza

It’s only been a few days since Yvan Buravan released his latest single, ‘Low key’, and critics are praising it for its energy, distinctive vocals and beats.

Although he already won the hearts of many with his sweet melodies, Buravan has now raised the standards of fine music by taking us back to the 80’s with a vintage video — combining traditional dance with legendary Michael Jackson moves.


“First of all, black and white is low key, it doesn’t have flashy stuff. We wanted that vintage mood and atmosphere, and we got it,” Buravan explained.


The 25-year-old singer said doing things low-key is in his nature, as he bases the song on his philosophy.


“Low-key is a style; it’s a way of living. Some people love doing things low-key, while others prefer doing things in the open.

“For me, I wanted to talk about that low-key lifestyle. And I used love to express what I wanted to say. To the people who listen to this song, they will understand that I was telling someone to keep our love low-key so that other people don’t ruin it, or cause fights that are not necessary.”

The song is in four languages; Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French and English. He does not want anyone to miss out on the lyrics because they don’t understand a certain language.

“I have met people who say ‘when I listen to your songs, sometimes I don’t get a thing’, maybe because they only speak French, others are Anglophone and some only speak Kinyarwanda. I tried to make a fusion of all those languages but to make one point,” says the Prix découvertes RFI star.

Over five years ago before Buravan ventured into music, he was a traditional dancer— an aspect he attributes to his dance ability.

Not only did the ‘Low key’ project take him around three to five million francs, it also took him a period of six months to get it done. Both, he says, were worth it.

“It was worth it. I’m saying this because I was satisfied, but again because of the feedback that I get,” he notes.

Buravan tells his fans to expect better and bigger things, because ‘Low-key’ and other tracks in store will make his second album even greater than the first.

“They should expect a more mature artiste because that is what I got from all these years I’ve been here. I understand what we do, how things should be done for them to come out. And that is why we have been working hard to give out the best we can, starting from ‘Low key’,” he says.

Buravan started his musical career in 2015, and today he is one of the biggest acts in the country. His skills are diverse.

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