Betting fans in for special treat as Gorilla Games Africa launches operations

Gorilla Games brand ambassador, Bruce Melodie (C), performs during the company’s campaign in Rwamagana District, this week. / Courtesy

Betting and gaming fans in Kigali are set to enjoy a special treat this Saturday as new the online betting company, Gorilla Games opens shop in Kigali.

Owned by Cheza Rwanda Games Limited, a local licensed integrated online betting company in the country, Gorilla Games brings features that will allow users to bet anytime, and from anywhere.

Today, August 10, will be the launch, having been preceded by a sensational five-week prelaunch campaign of road shows in Rwamagana, Musanze, Rubavu, Huye and Kigali with their brand ambassador, Bruce Melodie, a local  artiste thrilling the music and betting fans.

Journalists during a news conference about the launch of Gorilla Games in Kigali, on Thursday. / Courtesy

The platform will be introduced with a mobile application, as well as a user friendly betting website, that contains numerous sports events and games for betting.

Responsible betting, security for users

As far as over indulgence and addiction in betting is concerned, Gorilla Games, mechanisms are in place to curb these manifestations .

Speaking at a press conference preceding the launch, Diaz Iskakov, the Managing Director highlighted the platform’s mechanism for discouraging over indulgence and addiction, among which the system will notify their customer relationship team in case of anomalous betting behavior that suggest addiction among other undesirable manifestations. The customer service team will react by reaching out to the user, give him advice, and if the behavior just gets worse, their accounts may be terminated.

“There is no black, or white (for determining the unacceptable level of overindulgence or addiction), but a very simple example I would like to give, is that if we realise that a particular player is playing at 2 or 3 am, on a Friday night, when we know that most of us probably like to go out and have a good time, this will be flagged to our customer relationship team. They will get in touch with the player and advise him,” he said.

“If he does not change, and just gets worse, we will step in and suspend his account from placing any bets. However, the user will be able to access their money.”

Furthermore, customer relations teams will reach out to people with a history of serious heavy losses and advise them on how to bet.

Mobile money and visa cards are some of the payment options the platform works with. Accounts on the platform can be closed and reopened as per the client’s wish.